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You’re Engaged: So What Next?


You’re Engaged: So What Next?

January is pretty much the season to get proposed to. Coming down from the high of Christmas, the majority of guys will put a ring on it in January. So, if you’re out sporting a shiny new sparkler, chances are you’re just still basking in the love of your new fiancé!

Well stop! It’s time to get down to some serious business and we know just where to begin. So if you’re engaged, here’s what to do next…

Date And Venue

Before searching for your perfect gown, cake, photographer; get the date and venue right, because every other choice may be based on that. Do you really want a summery night number in the middle of October? If you’re in the market for a wedding planner, make sure it’s for every step of the way.

Priorities And Your Budget

The average most couples will spend is somewhere from €23,000 to €25,000, but if you don’t spend efficiently, it can easily go over. Put bigger chunks of the budget at the top of the priority list.

Take It Easy

When it comes to wedding plans, it’s important to accept what you can’t change. Wedding planning can feel overwhelming. Try to take everything as it comes and not to get too bogged down over little details.